Recipes for
bold flavour!

Add a bit more Nice and a bit more Ncasa
to these tasty meal ideas for any occasion.

Hinds Spices Creamy Mussel Pot
Creamy Mussel Pot
Time: 30 minutes
Hinds Spices Seafood Risotto
Seafood Risotto
Time: 45 minutes
Hinds Spices Crumbed Fish Fillets
Crumbed Fish Fillets
Time: 30 minutes
Garlic & herb lamb chops 1
Garlic and Herb Lamb Chops
Time: 25 minutes
Spicy rice 1
Spicy Rice
Time: 20 minutes
Beetroot Salad
Beetroot Salad
Time: 1 hour
Stuffed Leg of Lamb 2
Stuffed leg of Lamb
Time: 4 hours & 20 minutes
Livers with Cabbage 8
Livers with Cabbage
Time: 30 minutes
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