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South African Party Popcorn With Different Flavours

Yields8 ServingsTotal Time30 mins

Time: 30 mins

 2 bags microwave popcorn, popped according to on-pack instructions
 ½ cup warm water
 1 cup sugar
 Food colouring - green, black, yellow, red and blue
 80 g salted peanuts
 1 box Astros, sorted into colours (optional)
 1 box Smarties, sorted into colours (optional)
 Hinds Spices Mixed Herbs
 ¼ tsp garlic powder
 ¼ tsp onion powder
 Hinds Spices Black pepper
 Salt to season
 Hinds Spices Chicken Spice
 Hinds Spices Paprika
 Hinds Spices Salt & Vinegar Seasoning
 Hinds Spices Chip Seasoning

1 Divide the popcorn into 6 bowls.


2 In a pot, combine the water and sugar. Simmer on a low temperature until the sugar dissolves and thickens to form a syrup.


3 Divide the syrup into 5 separate bowls, add food colouring to each bowl (you will need green, yellow, blue, red and black). Stir to combine the food colouring with the syrup. Then add popcorn to each bowl, using a spatula to combine. Leave one bowl of popcorn white.


4 Sprinkle Hinds Mixed Herbs, garlic powder and onion powder onto the green popcorn and add green Smarties and Astros.


5 Sprinkle Hinds Black Pepper and salt onto the black popcorn.


6 Sprinkle Hinds Chicken Spice and Hinds Paprika onto the red popcorn and add red Smarties and Astros.


7 Sprinkle Hinds Salt & Vinegar Seasoning onto the blue popcorn and add Blue Smarties and Astros.


8 Sprinkle Hinds Chip Seasoning onto the yellow popcorn and add yellow Smarties and Astros plus salted peanuts.


9 Leave the popcorn to dry with the coloured syrup.


10 Outline the South African Flag on a sheet of baking paper and arrange the popcorn colours to represent the South African food flag.

Chef’s Tip

You can use popcorn kernels instead of microwave popcorn in this recipe.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 8 Servings: (halve the recipe for a family of 4)

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